The title ‘animals, birds and fish’ is a little general perhaps, but at least there are not that many paintings to look at. I am including insects with animals too.

I am not particularly keen on painting animals. A static rendition can sometimes express movement. Mostly, however, a painted animal is frozen to the canvas. Perhaps only those ancient cave artists (and here I’m particularly thinking about the Lascaux caves) were fully at one with the animals they portrayed. So if I do paint them I will normally try to find some point of difference. Or I might find an unusual animal – something that’s not often painted like the green bottle on the rose.

I’m very fond of fish, partly nostalgia for days spent fishing, partly love for their colours and form. The most ordinary fish has markings that take the breath away when they are alive or freshly caught. Nature takes our desire to beautify and mocks it, showing us absolute beauty in fur, feathers and scales of animals, birds and fish.