Here you can find paintings associated, however loosely, with leaves and berries.

It is one of my pet grievances that most people have forgotten how to stop and look. I often find myself a little embarrassed as people pass me on a path while I am engrossed in the macro detail of some plant or animal. Looking closely at things, whether at leaves and berries, or rocks or stones, is transformative.

Goethe knew this very well. His botanical work involved going through a process of first objective observation, then subjective, until one could become one with the plant itself. This blog offers a straightforward description of the process. It is a meditative practice that is more valuable than I can express. If most of us could do this once a month or so, I think it would revolutionise our way of being. Things held in contempt become better understood, those things that are admired are seen afresh – for themselves, not our prejudices.

So yes – leaves and berries are very good places to start changing how you feel about the world.