Spring meadow

A spring meadow – a bright pale sky full of fine rain that washes across a meadow of buttercups like sea fret. Acrylics on gesso board – 36 x 28 cm


This spring meadow is marked Manleybridge Farm on the map. I was told that an old orchard lies abandoned somewhere beyond the tree line, and this seems to be born out in satellite photos. I would love to visit this old orchard. There’s a pattern in this country of landowners closing off paths until they cease to be rights of way. There seems to be a path from the road but it is blocked by a gate.

Wealth leads inexorably to greed and entitlement. There is a perversity in the human need to live closely with other humans, yet at the same time be so defensive of territory.

This is another piece I painted on gesso board. The slipperiness of the surface rather suited the wetness of the subject, the bright pale sky full of fine rain that washes across the spring meadow of buttercups and the trees like sea fret. The scene is a simple one of strong diagonal bands, but the weather was more difficult to create. I had to leave the painting for a long time before finishing it to my satisfaction.

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