Still life with vegetables on a chopping board. Acrylics on paper – 23 x 31 cm

£175.00 £80.00

One evening I was taken by the geometry of some tiles and the lines of a knife. The tiles and the knife alone were not particularly interesting for me, but once married with the parings of some vegetables on a chopping board the still life began to hold promise.

Still life paintings are often a refuge for the imagination, a fallback when other subjects are unavailable. Unfortunately, this means that they can also be rather dull. But a still life can show the ordinary things of the house ensouled. This idea of the ensoulment of things comes originally, I think, from Thales of Miletus. Our modern age has lost this idea, and the consequences can be seen all around us.

I was holding an Open Studio event and I decided to keep working. I am never comfortable at these events. Working on something small means that people tend to sidle up behind me. If I do another event I will work on something big. That way people can see what I’m doing without having to creep around!

The vegetables presented some interesting technical areas: the suffuse colours of the tiles, the wood grain, along with shadows and bright reflections.

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