Rocky cleft with Sea Pink and Lichen


Original painting or high-quality limited edition (1 of 50) Giclée print. Coloured pencil on paper, approx 15 x 26 cm

Please note: the frame in the image is a digital mock-up. The actual frame and mount will be very similar.



I painted this while struggling through the end of another winter. Much as I like to be present to the seasons, I was dreaming of high summer. In the warm crumbling rocks there are a wealth of hues, complemented by the tuft of Sea Pink (Armeria maritima) – that I always call Thrift – and the brilliant yellow and bleached glaucous green of the lichens.

I love the miniature landscapes that one can find on a rocky coast. Here among the dramatic moraines and deep chasms, life is everywhere.

Further suggestions

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