Shoreham – Bittersweet


Original painting or high-quality limited edition (1 of 50) Giclée print. Coloured pencil on paper, approx 26 x 15 cm

Please note: the frame in the image is a digital mock-up. The actual frame and mount will be very similar.




Shoreham beach is one of the richest vegetated shingles in the world. It hosts an extraordinary mixture of plants and animals, all of whom contend with salinity, fierce wind and a lack of fresh water – not to mention trampling and destruction by humans. The landscape can look slightly surreal, the haphazard clumps of vegetation make formations that are silhouetted strangely against the flat planes of shingle, sea and sky.

Shoreham beach - bittersweet


Bittersweet (Solanum dulcamara) is a member of the Solanum family that includes potatoes and tomatoes. Also known as Woody Nightshade, it has poisonous red berries that look just like miniature tomatoes. Bittersweet scrambles over the shingle, sometimes in dense mats, providing shelter for invertebrates.

It is a plant much used in the past by herbalists and alchemists, and even modern medicine has found uses for it in treating skin conditions.

I used coloured pencil – as a medium it lends itself particularly well to the rendering of pebbles.


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