Winter berries

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Original painting, coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, 29 x 21.0 cm. Sold unmounted.

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Here’s a painting of some scarlet berries, cheering up a late winter scene.

I have grown tired of winter and the wet mud of late January in England, so my eye was drawn to these berries. They are a species of cotoneaster (Cotoneaster franchetii I think)and their brash scarlet is a welcome relief to the dank cold. The berries have started to split open and they carry water droplets on them from a recent shower. Sometimes the effect of the droplets is to make the berries look peculiarly swollen, as if with some disease. At other times they glitter with reflected light.

Further suggestions

I did not realise, until this painting was complete, that it would be a companion to this solitary autumn leaf.


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