Hospital of St Cross – Winchester

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Original painting. Acrylics on paper, 30.5 x 23.0 cm, sold unmounted.



The Hospital of St Cross near Winchester is a twelfth century charitable institution with sixteenth century additions. It is a wonderful building, with a walled garden, a pond and tearoom. It has a church and provides accommodation for twenty five elderly men. St Cross continues to offer the Wayfarers dole, a horn of beer and a morsel of bread, to those who ask for it.


St Cross rises out of the Itchen valley. It is rare to spend time any there and not witness a dramatic sky of some sort. Jackdaws nest in several places around the buildings. I was listening to a particularly vocal jackdaw and saw that it had a nest behind a sculpture on one of the towers (it is the only sculpture that remains on the face of this particular tower). As I looked up, I noticed how dramatic the tower looked, shooting up hard and dark against a bright chaotic sky.


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