I’ve split my writing into these convenient categories, but I don’t really think of my articles in that way. I just have something rattling around that makes me mad enough to need to write about it. All the illustrations are details from my paintings except the one of Beethoven.


Classical music, as with all art, has become top-heavy. A handful of composers dominate recitals and sales. The reason for this sorry state of affairs is, of course, profit. I take a steps to honour some lesser known composers. Beethoven? He’s clickbait.


That I have to call part of my writing ‘nature’ writing is instructive in itself. Nature has become a genre – lucrative for some. It is consumed like a box of chocolates: consult the menu and grab the choicest centre. I want to change that, to make nature central to our lives.


Sometimes I focus on a specific place, one I love or one that haunts my dreams. Something else we have lost is the genius loci, the spirit of place, that hard to describe essence of a place that makes it special, and that even ‘development’ cannot completely eradicate.


I often write poetry to perform – or to perform in my head – in any case, it is often declamatory and dramatic. Even old-fashioned. I am aware of all my influences and use them knowingly.


It is often considered naive to ignore or dislike politics. It is a venomous activity and I imagine a world without it. Meanwhile, I write about it, hoping that I’ll help someone else to see through it.


The practice of psychology has become closely linked to politics and I lay this as bare as I can. The only way to use psychology ethically is to help others out of the trap, and this can only be done with love and energy.