If we surrendered
to earth's intelligence
we could rise up
rooted, like trees.

- Rainer Maria Rilke

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Welcome to my art gallery. I paint the things that resonate with me, that have meaning beyond the commercial and the 'pretty'. Most of my paintings are small, around 12" x 9", but I paint larger works on commission. If you see something that you like, but want a different size or perhaps a similar view, then contact me. I also offer limited edition GiclĂ©e prints of all my paintings.


Psychology, the study of the soul, belongs to the realm of art. At its best, it offers an aesthetic and compassionate appreciation of the human struggle, and places that struggle in relation to the soul of the world. At its worst, it seeks to control through pseudo-science, and project blame onto the individual.


Most of my poetry is written to be read aloud or performed (words read silently have a more reflective energy). Verse, particularly the type I write, is sometimes seen as rather old-fashioned, but it is often the best way to express a feeling or an idea, a pathway to an elemental rhythm, a link to music and dance.


A love of the natural world is the most important value we can hope to have. Everything else spins out of it: empathy, joy, respect, art and simple enjoyment of being. Nature has helped me and countless others to survive terrible anxiety, deep depression and much more. It is the real world - everything else is illusion - and the parlous state of the planet is directly attributable to our contempt of nature.