The Potting Table

A rather weedy sunflower and a white begonia made a rather a nice arrangement on this potting table. Watercolour on paper – 30 x 23 cm


I was clearing up about on this potting table, tidying up and rearranging pots. I stepped back and saw that by adding a rather weedy sunflower and a white begonia, I had inadvertently created a rather a nice arrangement.

For some reason, I decided that the composition lent itself to watercolours. I think that there was a luminosity to the arrangement that watercolour might render better than acrylics. Choice of medium is sometimes difficult and arbitrary. At other times that choice seems obvious, and such was the case here. With this kind of painting, there is always a dance between detail and ambition. This was about the light on and through the leaves, the delicate greens that make me feel thirsty. But without detail, it is difficult to see determine the subject.

I got confused towards the end of painting and thought I was working with acrylics. I took a wide brush and swept some paint across for sunbeams. The paint was a little thick so I rubbed a moist paper towel across it. Being watercolour, the layers underneath also partially lifted! Happily, the painting wasn’t ruined.

I have no idea what the variety of dwarf sunflower is on the potting table. Photos here look similar, but the variety is not given.

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