Sun, Willows, Water

A painting of the interaction of sun, willows, water. Reflections and leaves dance and distort into patterns. Acrylics on paper – 23 x 30 cm.

Original price was: £150.00.Current price is: £75.00.

This painting is an expressive impression of the interaction between sun, willows and water.

I stood looking at the duck pond for several minutes, and as I looked, it seemed that the water, the sun and the willow leaves had merged so that I could no longer tell which was which. Are the reflections any less real than the leaves themselves? The reflections make fractals, shivering in and out of focus – perhaps this article in Aeon magazine goes some way to explain our fascination with the movement of water and light. I cannot think of anything more conducive to meditative well-being than the painting of the wind.

The place is Brickfields Country Park, which suggests a rather larger area than the reality of its three hectares. But it is a lovely place, almost always peaceful – at least when I have visited. There’s a pond with ducks and geese and a good variety of plants and insects around. The Brickfields website is chock full of useful information – and includes this amusing description of Homo sapiens subsp. stupidus, otherwise known as the Common Vandal. Unfortunately, the pond is not naturally fed, so it soon gets full of weed and algae that has to be manually removed.

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